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THE LEGEND OF SANTA CLAUS – Sculpture group shot

Medusa compCrow compFairy Girl compHolly compBalazar compBolga 2 compNick comp FINALKnife fairy 3 comp FINALPotemkin compKlask compThe Italian comp

In 2009, I was hired by Lumenas Animation, in Salt Lake City, to work on the animated feature THE LEGEND OF SANTA CLAUS.  I sculpted these characters based on 2d designs by Jon McDonald (design lead), Daniel Hughes and Taylor Krahenbuhl.  All were under the supervision of our director Colin Brady.  The project itself never happened unfortunately.



In March, I will have my first one man show at the Finch Lane Gallery in Salt Lake City.  The public will get a chance to see “The Brothers Bighead” –  my interactive “sculptures within sculptures.”

SPECIAL MAKE-UP EFFECTS – Prosthetic design and sculpture

In 2006, I was hired to help out on the film THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON.  There were just three sculptors on the project and much had to be done.   I sculpted and designed the old age appliances for actor Jason Flemying.  In addition, I assisted on various stages of the make-ups for Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchet – mainly detail work (friend and colleague, Miles Teves, was the main sculptor on those).  I worked on the film for close to half a year.  It was fun.

Greg Cannom won an Oscar for “best make-up” and the film also won for “best visual effects.”

During this period, I worked on the film GOLDA, a stage production, starring Valerie Harper.  I sculpted various nose appliances and cheeks.  Greg Cannom, who applied the make-up, used a random neck appliance on hand (not sculpted by me).

Other images are from THE GRINCH.  Rick Baker won an Oscar for that film as well.

The video shows my involvement in the ill-fated Ridley Scott version of I AM LEGEND. I was working for Amalgamated Dynamics at the time.


I helped my friend Eddie Yang on this project.


The “Beast” character was sculpted before an actor was cast.  The “Hellboy” is my original  interpretation of the comic character and was done before the movie had begun production.



From 1999-2003 I had the opportunity to work for a local, Salt Lake City, gaming company called “Beyond Games.”  While there I was introduced to digital modeling.  It was a great learning experience.  All the above images were done before Zbrush… oh, how easier that program has since made things.